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Ph.D. Program Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

Curriculum of the Ph.D. Program in Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

of the Ph.D. Program in Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

Ph.D. Project Courses Retreats
Year 1 Practical work, presentation of research plan (after 6 months) Structure Biology Course (2days-1 ECTS), Current Topics in Structural Biology (2days-1ECTS)  
    Ethics in Science - Scientific Integrity Introductory Lecture (2 hours - 0ECTS)  
  Thesis committee meeting Scientific Writing (4 days - 1ECTS) Retreat 2-days
Year 2 Practical work, publications Attendance of External Courses and Workshops, Teaching Requirements (up to 2ECTS) Retreat 2-days
Year 3 and 4 Practical work, publications, attendance of congress Oral and Poster Presentations at Scientific Meetings (up to 2ECTS) Retreat 2-days
  Thesis committee meeting Soft Skill Courses organized by the LSZGS (up to 2ECTS)  
  Ph.D. defence: oral presentation and examination    

Mandatory courses:
Structure Biology Course, Current Topics in Structural Biology, Good Scientific Practice & Scientific Integrity

We also recommend to attend the ETH courses:
551-0307-01L Molecular and Structural Biology II: Molecular Machines and Cellular Assemblies (Spring)
551-1412-00L Molecular and Structural Biology IV: Visualizing Macromolecules by X-Ray Crystallography and EM (Spring)
551-1402-00L Molecular and Structural Biology VI: Biophysical Analysis of Macromolecular Mechanisms (Spring)
551-0307-00L Molecular and Structural Biology I: Protein Structure and Function (Autumn)
551-1414-00L Molecular and Structural Biology V: Studying Macromolecules by NMR and EPR (Spring)
551-1005-00L Bioanalytics (Autumn)
551-1619-00L Strukturbiologie (Autumn)