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Ph.D. Program Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

Research Groups


The PhD Program Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism aims at attracting the most promising students from all over the world who wish to work towards a Ph.D. in structural biology and related fields. If you would like to accept this challenge and work in one of the leading research groups in the field, apply now.
Application Deadlines are December 1st and July 1st!

Required Degree

Applicants must hold a Master's degree or equivalent from a university in the field of Natural Sciences before starting the Ph.D. program in Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism. Applicants accepted for the program will have to register with either the University of Zurich or ETH Zurich, depending on the affiliation of their future research group.

Online Application

Applications to this program can be accepted for further evaluation only if submitted online through the homepage of the Zurich Life Science Graduate School. Please use this link, and follow the instructions given: proceed to online application

A few hints on how to make a good application:

  • The scientific interest part is of high importance for the selection committee (write at least ¾ of a page).
  • A good match between the groups in the program and your scientific interest is important.
  • Explain how your previous experiences led you to be interested in structural biology.


Online applications are evaluated by an admissions committee. Short-listed candidates are invited for an interview taking place in Zurich in early February and in early September, for the application deadlines of December 1st and July 1st, respectively. Candidates will have the opportunity to meet with group leaders of their choice to discuss possible areas of research. Accommodation and travel expenses are reimbursed by the program committee. Accepted candidates are informed shortly after the interviews and should start their work within six months of acceptance to the program.