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Ph.D. Program Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

Research Groups

Participants of the BSM Ph.D. Program

Alvadia, Caroline (Group Dutzler, UZH) since September 2016
Barret, Diane (Group Schertler, PSI) since Ausgust 2018
Baumann, Christian (Group Zerbe, UZH) since Oktober 2017
Bedi, Rajiv (Group Caflisch, UZH) since July 2017
Bergsch, Jan (Group Allain, ETH/Lipps FHNW) since July 2016
Bierig, Tobias (Group Schertler, PSI) since April 2018
Braus, Sebastian (Group Glockshuber, ETH) since March 2019
Cannac, Fabien (Group Korkhov, PSI) since September 2015
Celebioeven, Sinem (Group Dutzler, UZH) since November 2014
Cucuzza, Stefano (Group Zerbe, UZH) since November 2016
Ciuta, Anca Denise (Group Locher, ETH) since January 2019
Collu, Gabriella (Group Benoit, PSI) since January 2018
Choi, Sung-Ryul (Group Steinmetz, PSI) since December 2017
De Luigi, Mattia (Group Plückthun, UZH) since January 2013
Deneka, Dawid (Group Dutzler, UZH) since September 2015
Drozdzyk, Katarzyna (Group Dutzler, UZH) since January 2019
Ehrenmann, Janosch (Group Plückthun, UZH) since March 2014
Gonda, Imre (Group Seeger, UZH) since August 2018
Hengjun, Cui (Group Weber-Ban, ETH) since September 2016
Ivascu, Anastasia (Group Jinek, UZH) since January 2019
Kalienkova, Valeriia (Group Dutzler, UZH) since May 2014
Kavalchuk, Mikhail (Group Weber-Ban, ETH) since November 2018
Kooger, Romain (Group Pilhofer, ETH) since March 2014
Kooijman, Laurens (Group Zerbe, UZH) since August 2014
Kroupova, Alena (Group Jinek, UZH) since August 2015
Langini, Cassiano (Group Caflisch, UZH) since December 2015
Lien, Yun-Wei (Group Pilhofer, ETH) since March 2019
Mayer, Daniel (Group Veprintsev, PSI) since October 2014
Mehta, Ved (Group Korkhov, PSI) since March 2018
Meinhold, Sarah (Group Glockshuber, ETH) since March 2019
Merve, Oezvel (Group Korkhov, PSI) since November 2017
Muckenfuss, Lena (Group Jinek, UZH) since September 2017
Mueller, Andreas (Group Weber-Ban, ETH) since August 2014
Nosol, Kamil (Group Locher, ETH) since September 2018
Nüesch, Mark (Group Schuler, UZH) since January 2019
Oi, Kathryn (Group Zerbe, UZH) since June 2019
Pacesa, Martin (Group Jinek, UZH) since September 2016
Qi, Chao (Group Korkhov, PSI) since November 2015
Qiu, Chunhong (Group Jonas, ETH) since January 2019
Ramanadane, Karthik (Group Dutzler, UZH) since September 2016
Ries, Anne (Group Ban, ETH) since December 2017
Roessler, Philip (Group Gossert, ETH) since September 2018
von Rosen, Tatjana (Group Weber-Ban, ETH) since October 2017
Rutz, Sonja (Group Dutzler, UZH) since May 2019
Salim, Alma (Group Freisinger, UZH) since February 2015
Salutari, Ilaria (Group Caflisch, UZH) since January, 2017
Schuster, Matthias (Group Zerbe, UZH) since February 2014
Skarda, Liga (Group Locher, ETH) since November 2017
Skopintsev, Peter (Group Standfuss, PSI) since January 2016
Sottini, Andrea (Group Schuler, UZH) since January 2016
Stanisich, Jessica (Group Glockshuber, ETH) since Februar 2017
Stach, Oliver (Group Schuler, UZH) since August 2017
Stark, Yvonne (Group Plückthun, UZH) since May 2015
Straub, Monique (Group Dutzler, UZH) since November 2018
Sturzenegger, Flurin (Group Schuler, UZH) since July 2017
Thom, Cristian (Group Plückthun, UZH) since January 2018
Vacca, Santiago (Group Plückthun, UZH) since April 2016
Waltenspühl, Yann (Group Plückthun, UZH) since April 2015
Walter, Justin (Group Dutzler, UZH) since July 2014
Warinner, Katharina (Group Ban, ETH) since June 2018
Weiss, Gregor (Group Pilhofer, ETH) since July 2016
Wiedmer, Lars (Group Caflisch, UZH) since February 2015
Wranik, Maximilian (Group Schertler, PSI) since January 2019
Ziemski, Michal (Group Weber-Ban, ETH) since January 2013
Zyla, Dawid (Group Glockshuber, ETH) since October 2014

The BSM program currently has about 86 participants. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with them for further inquiries.